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Let us take care of your catering needs.

Catering Services for Memorable Gatherings!

Whether it’s a birthday party, an office event, or a gathering at home, our catering services ensure that your guests are treated to a culinary extravaganza.

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Birthday Party

Celebrate your special day with a touch of culinary magic. Our birthday party catering service is all about making your event unforgettable. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or an intimate gathering, our expert chefs and event coordinators are here to ensure that every detail is perfect. Indulge in a menu tailored to your preferences and let us handle the flavors, leaving you free to enjoy your celebration.

Office Events

Make your corporate events a delectable success with our office events catering. We understand the importance of creating a lasting impression in the business world. With our diverse menu options, impeccable presentation, and on-time delivery, your office events will be a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Friend's Gathering/Home Party

Host a memorable gathering with friends or family without the stress of cooking. Our home party catering service brings the restaurant experience to your doorstep. Whether it’s an informal get-together or a grand celebration, our diverse menu and expert team will make your event effortless and enjoyable for both you and your guests.

Catering Menu

PizzasBun Sandwiches Mini Bun Sandwiches Mini savoury croissantsIndividual FriandsMedium long Friand to share
VegetarianPesto, Tomato, Mozzarella Mozzarella Pesto Ham & Cheese Tomato, Mushrooms Grated cheeseTomato, Mushrooms Grated cheese
Mozza, basilMayo, Chicken, saladChicken Cheese & bechamelHam & cheeseHam & cheese
ChickenTuna/sweetcorn & MayoTuna Mayo, pepper, cucumberMushrooms & bechamelTomato, Halloumi, olive oil, rosemaryTomato, Halloumi, olive oil, rosemary
Might add one moreFeta, Tomatoes, olive oil Egg MayoPesto, tomato, mozzarella CheeseCheese
Same as aboveEgg & Mayo Pastrami Ham & Cheese

Birthday Parties

OFFER 1 - for 15 pplOFFER 2 - for 25 pplOFFER 3
1 birthday cake1 big square birthday cake2 birthday cakes
3 sorts of canapés x 15 each
total 45 canapes
5 sorts of canapés x 15 each
total 75 canapes
120 canapés
1 Pizza2 pizzas3 pizzas
1 Medium Sea Salt Focaccia1 Medium Sea Salt Focaccia bread 1 Large Sea Salt Focaccia
2 Medium long friands to share4 Medium long friands to share

Office Parties

OFFER 1 - for 15 pplOFFER 2 - for 25 pplOFFER 3 - …… people
45 canapes75 canapes120 canapés
Regular or mini bun sandwiches Less canapes but more of below?
Regular of min savoury croissants
1 Large Sea Salt Focaccia1 Large Sea Salt Focaccia
1 Large Sea Salt Focaccia
1 Medium long friands to share2 Medium long friands to share4 Medium long Fougasses
1 Square Pizza2 Square pizzas3 Square pizzas
1 Medium friand to share

Specal Occasion And Gatherings

50 canapes
25 mini bun sandwiches
25 min savoury croissants
1 Large Sea Salt Focaccia
2 Medium long friands to share
2 Square pizzas

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